Whether it’s a quick 30 minutes or an overnight adventure, hiking is one of the best ways to explore and appreciate the city you live in. Despite being a major metropolitan city, Joburg certainly isn’t lacking beautiful outdoor activity spots. Living in Randburg locates you perfectly in the centre of a few picturesque hiking routes. 

Here are some trails to hit in and around Randburg: 

Three of the top hiking trails near Randburg

1) The Melville Koppies

A cluster of three hiking reserves and areas, Melville Koppies, East, West and Central can offer all you are looking for in a day outdoors in Jozi! 

Open every Sunday, Melville Central offers controlled access and optional tours of the grounds. The West Koppie is open on the first Saturday of every month for an exciting adventure hike with the option for your dogs to tag along. With daily opening times, free entry and hikes open to dogs, the East Koppie is the perfect spot to go for a post-work hike with friends, or a weekend morning on the trail with your dogs. 

These reserves, ranging from an easy 10 minutes to a fast-paced few hours, bring the trails right onto your doorstep and they’re only 10 minutes from Randburg! 

2) The Wilds Nature Reserve

In between Killarney and Upper Houghton, 20 minutes from Randburg, are the grasses, trails, and waterfalls of the Wild’s Nature Reserve. Filled to the brim with indigenous flora, the reserve is the perfect spot for learning about our natural South African plant life, while staying on the lookout for the animals that roam the trails alongside you. 

A local artist filled the reserve with sculptures of South African animals like giraffes, buck and monkeys. This is a great spot for a run, a walk through the trees and even a picnic after taking in the trails.

3) Klipriviersberg

Sometimes referred to as Johannesburg’s “Jewel of the South”, Klipriviersberg Reserve is a short 25 km from Sandton and only half an hour away from Randburg. This trail-running and hiking reserve has an abundance of routes to choose from, all laid out neatly in a map for your navigational ease – and it’s free! Ranging from 1-7kms, you can choose to finish a quick jog and then head out or stay for a couple of hours, stitching routes together to take full advantage of the scenery. With over 230 species of birds and game such as zebra, hartebeest and wildebeest, a trip to Klipriviersberg Reserve will feel like a day out on safari, close to home! 

Living in Randburg

These outdoor hiking spots, and many more, neighbour the Live Easy Randburg accommodation. Our Nano Units offer an affordable option to stay, in a beautifully finished apartment, filled with perks, amenities and central to the trails and adventure opportunities.