Getting to know the history of a place can open up a person’s eyes to enjoy and experience it in a brand new light. From small nuanced nuggets of knowledge to major historic insights into the region, finding out the background of a country, city or suburb adds exciting flavour if you’re visiting or living there. Museums offer an excellent way to get to know the history of a place. In this, we explore the best museums you can visit in and around Randburg.

Museums you can’t miss if you’re in Randburg

Soweto and Apartheid Museum 

The Soweto and Apartheid Tour hails as one of the best in the country, diving into the deep history of the city. It’s an emotional one that explores the Apartheid era illustrating the rise, the fall and the impact it had on South Africans. 

With a tour, you can look at spending three hours in the museum with permanent exhibitions taking you down a trip that traces back the time from the beginning of Apartheid and the height of the oppression to the move towards healing and freedom based on the democratic foundings of the Constitution. Temporary exhibitions in the museum are also designed to focus on presenting ideas and stories in South Africa and across the world, including segregation in the United States and how it’s affected deeply embedded systems there, to open the door of discussion and a search for solutions.

South African National Museum of Military History

The National Museum of Military History is a large space containing a wealthy collection of over 44 000 items from both World Wars, civil wars and the war against Apartheid. The collection spans items from the 1800s to the present day and holds military-related records, journals, weapons, artefacts and photographs to depict monumental conflicts. 

It’s enjoyed as a well-laid-out museum with incredibly presented exhibitions and excellent facilities. The Museum of Military History sees more than 80 000 visits every year, seeing new and old visitors exploring the insights into the history of the military of South Africa.

Rand Society of Model Engineers 

For something a little different, the Rand Society of Model Engineers offers an interesting space that houses fully operational model locomotives that can be used for train rides for children and adults. The museum space is excellent for family days and has a stunning picnic area to rest and relax. It is open to the public on select days for exhibitions and train rides, with all information available on the society’s social media pages.

Living in Randburg

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