President Ramaphosa recently announced that South Africa will be in Lockdown Level 4 – and will remain under this level until the 25th of July 2021 – at which time he and his team will reassess the situation in the country and decide on further actions. A gazette was posted that encompassed the new rules and regulations governing non-essential workers, although often these can be unclear and confusing. The full list and explanations can be found here, but we’ve simplified the list below so that you can safely go about your day in Randburg and know you are following the correct protocol.

  1. Level 4 is from Monday 29 June until Sunday 11 July, and has been extended until 25th July.
  2. All gatherings indoor or outdoors are prohibited – except funerals and cremations with limited numbers. Initially this included seeing friends and family, as well as gathering in public places like the cinema or gym. It unfortunately also meant restaurants or any sit-down dining facilities. On Sunday 11th, however, facilities were opened to operate at 50% capacity or a maximum of 50 people.
  3. A curfew will be in place from 9pm to 4am, and all non-essential establishments will need to close by 8pm. You can still go to buy groceries and supplies or order take-out from functioning restaurants, but these will all close at 8pm.
  4. The sale of alcohol on and off-site is prohibited. Including from the shops or any place, even if they have a liquor license.
  5. Beaches and parks remain open but no gatherings are allowed. How many people constitute a “gathering” is unclear, but it’s best to stick to groups of 4 or fewer people.
  6. School holidays have been moved forward and all schools were to close by Friday 3 July.
  7. Leisure travel into and out of Gauteng is prohibited. However, there is a subsection that specifies “travelling for purposes of moving to a new place of residence” is allowed (so moving into your Live Easy unit is unaffected).

You may feel like you’re going to get bored while stuck inside doing nothing, but fear not – we’ve made a list of some super fun things you can do (safely) to make the time pass right by! Stick to the regulations mentioned above and you’ll be all clear to…

Go for a run

There’s no better way to beat the quarantine blues than to exercise! Even if you take it slow,  Randburg is a beautiful area with a lot of great buildings and streets to sight-see (especially now while they’re not as busy as usual). The Lockdown Level 4 regulations allow for places like Delta Park to remain open, so get out there! Speaking of which, you could also…

Visit the park

Public areas like parks remain open under Level 4 and some Joburg sun is a great way to spend the day – particularly in the winter. Bring a blanket, mask-up with a family member and enjoy a COVID-friendly picnic on the lush grass of Zoo Lake or Golden Harvest Park.

Order-in and chill

Restaurants are still allowed to deliver under the Level 4 regulations so take advantage of the many specials they are running and cosy up in front of the TV or fire with some takeout. A lot of little places are struggling at the moment so don’t feel bad about spending a little extra to help #SupportLocal. The restaurants (and your tastebuds) will thank you.

Isolate in comfort

With the freedom to move into a new place of residence, why not take the opportunity for a change of scenery? Our affordable nano-units in Randburg are convenient and central. You have local stores and malls just down the road and a taxi rank across the street. They’re especially lockdown-friendly with access to a workspace connected to Wi-Fi, or DSTV Plug-and-Play. 

You can have all this at an affordable rental where your security is taken seriously.
For comfortable living in Randburg when you have to spend more time at home, join the Live Easy lifestyle.