I love Randburg because it is set in the heart of Gauteng, Randburg was founded as a town in 1959. Today it is teeming with life and exciting possibilities for its residents. As more and more young graduates flock to this diverse town, they realise its true potential as an economic hub and a place where work meets play in the most symbiotic ways. 

While some South Africans work in congested cities or industrial areas and travel hours each day to and from their homes in the suburbs, Randburg is a place where you can live and work quite comfortably. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to love living in Randburg.

Alive With Possibility 

Over the years, this Johannesburg town has grown in leaps and bounds, providing a beautiful haven for its inhabitants. Businesses are growing, providing more work opportunities for young people striving for a successful career and financial stability. It’s also a perfect setting for starting a business, as young working professionals may not have huge budgets to spend at malls and are eager to support small local businesses. The possibilities are endless in Randburg, and anyone living here or planning to move into the area is in for a bright future.

Green Parks 

Locals and visitors alike are drawn to Randburg’s luscious greenery and plentiful green parks. Take a stroll in one of the parks or official gardens to ease your mind, soothe the stress of the working day and go back to the office feeling refreshed. It’s a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life and a much needed serene escape to help you find that balance between productivity and inner peace. For those living in high rise apartment buildings, the numerous parks and gardens in Randburg offer you a chance to enjoy some peaceful outdoor time soaking up nature.


One of the popular attractions in Randburg is the food and craft markets that provide an affordable, cultural experience that is quite different to the shopping mall experience. While malls like Cresta have a particular allure to them, with glossy finishings and high-end fashion, they may be a bit pricey or crowded for certain people who are seeking a more languid shopping environment. 

Markets offer a chance to meet your traders one-on-one and chat with them to learn more about the production process of each item. Customers and traders often build lasting friendships this way. In addition, Randburg’s markets offer a feast of fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade items, crafts and unique little finds that you can snatch up at unexpected prices.

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