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Batho Pele House showcases that living in Pretoria has a ton of benefits. Not only is it a bustling and beautiful city filled with fun things to do and interesting things to see, but it is also consistently warmer than Johannesburg by several degrees. 

As you venture into the city’s CBD, you’ll come across Pretoria Central, where the classic historical architecture and grand building designs reflect a rich history that permeates every street. After all, the city is the administrative capital of South Africa, and so the buildings here represent the sense of grandeur, authority and dignity associated with the seat of government.

It is here that we find Live Easy’s Batho Pele House apartment building.

Batho Pele Meaning

Batho Pele is a Sotho-Tswana phrase that translates to “People First”. The phrase was famously used by the Nelson Mandela administration in 1997 when they introduced the Batho Pele initiative to transform service delivery in the country to be more inclusive and available to all, putting the people of the country first while also improving the quality and friendliness of customer service by all government employees.

We named our apartment building Batho Pele to reflect that same spirit. It is designed and managed in such a way as to put the tenants first. It is open to all and inclusive, and we make sure that the customer service is friendly, helpful and puts the people first.

Amenities And Proximity

Our Batho Pele development offers an array of amenities and features that enhance your stay, making for a luxurious experience despite the low cost.

Among these features is the in-house gym, which is free to use for all tenants, so you don’t have to take out an expensive gym membership. 

There is a top-quality laundry in the building as well as a salon. Moreover, there is an onsite creche and even a canteen where you can get some food or a cup of coffee after a long day. There is also a lovely outdoor braai area where you can hang out with friends.

The building also features plug-and-play DSTV in all the units, as well as Wi-Fi for all tenants to enjoy. As with our other buildings, the Batho Pele House features strict access control security features and CCTV, so you can rest assured that you and your belongings will always be safe.

In addition to the wonderful features inside, the building is also conveniently located near a wide variety of shops, malls and restaurants. There are also plenty of schools and colleges nearby, as well as plenty of churches to attend.

If you want to live in a place where you are put first, then come stay at Batho Pele House. Contact Live Easy to get a unit today!