3 Pro Apartment Moving Tips

Moving tips for all home owners – If you’ve ever moved apartments before, you know how stressful and chaotic it can be. Despite the joys and excitement that come with being in a new home, it can cause a person serious anxiety to have to pack, move and then unpack everything.

To help you settle into your new Live Easy apartment in Randburg, here are some pro apartment moving tips to help you pull it off with ease.

You Don’t Have To Buy Moving Boxes

When you pack up your stuff to move it across to your new apartment, you might be tempted to go a buy a bunch of boxes. However, you don’t have to waste your money on this because you can get hundreds of boxes for free behind most shopping malls or grocery stores.

If you go around the back, you’ll find hundreds of discarded cardboard packaging boxes in skips, waiting to be carted off to the landfill. Take whatever you need for free.

You Don’t Have To Keep Everything

When you move, it is a wonderful opportunity to declutter and get rid of stuff that you really don’t need or that you might not have space for in your new home. Take the opportunity to donate some of your stuff to the local hospice, church, or charity organisation. What you call clutter might be very valuable to someone else.

Decluttering also makes the move easier because there is less stuff to move and unpack, making the whole job a lot easier.

Prepare Your Meals And Pack A Bag

On the day of the move, as well as the days just before and just after, are going to likely be pretty chaotic. You won’t have easy access to your clothes, toiletries, or food.

Therefore, pack a bag and some food like you’re going on a weekend away. Have a few easy, ready-to-go meals that you can just pull out and warm up. Otherwise, consider budgeting for takeaways for a few days.

Make sure to pack a few pairs of comfortable clothes set aside for you to change into, as well as your toothbrush and other essential toiletries. Don’t forget to keep a toilet roll handy as well.

If you’re looking to move apartments in Randburg, then contact Live Easy today. We have great apartments to rent. Call us now!