There are many things that could make up the criteria for one’s dream apartment. Finding a dream apartment, however, can be a rather daunting task. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

With that said, let us look at some of the criteria that we believe you should look out for when choosing your dream apartment.


Location is probably the most important factor in whether or not an apartment is ideal. The ideal apartment will be located near your place of work and, if possible, near your recreational life, including friends, churches, clubs, or any other social places you enjoy frequenting. The location of your apartment can make or break the enjoyment thereof, so this is an important factor.

Often locations in the city are preferable since they are close to a lot of shopping opportunities, restaurants and businesses. However, these locations often end up becoming quite high in demand and can therefore be expensive.

There are, however, far more affordable luxury apartment options available. You just have to know where to look. Here at Live Easy, we offer affordable luxury apartments in a number of major city centres.


A dream apartment is not complete without security. It is important to feel safe when you are at home or when you go out and leave your home unattended. With all your possessions stored inside, you want to ensure that they are well looked after when you’re not around.

Therefore, apartment blocks that don’t have security are not advised ‒ especially if you live in the city centre. Unfortunately, crime is a factor that all South Africans have to contend with.

At Live Easy, we offer biometric security options at our apartment blocks, as well as 24-hour security and CCTV to make sure that our residents feel safe and secure at all times.


No man ‒ or woman ‒ is an island. Therefore, your dream apartment should be integrated into a vibrant and healthy community so that you don’t feel isolated. Community within apartment buildings is often fostered through the use of shared spaces, such as common rooms or canteens, where residents can socialise and get to know one another. Having such a sense of community within an apartment building can truly enhance the value of an apartment.


A dream apartment will also have a series of useful amenities on offer in the building. Among these amenities should be gyms, laundromats, canteens, hairdressers, creches, gardens, social areas, Wi-Fi and satellite television, among other things.

At Live Easy, we offer all of these amenities at our apartment buildings, making them a great place to live.

Check out our website for listings and to apply to stay in one of Live Easy’s dream apartments today!