When you move into an apartment, there are several things that you should have to make your life more comfortable. Here’s a short list of comfortable-living things that might contribute to a pleasant stay.

House Plants

House plants are often taken for granted. However, every apartment, no matter how small, should have at least one house plant, if not more. The effect of a house plant on the overall feng shui is significant. It creates a sense of vibrancy and life within a space that cannot be replicated, even with a fake plant.

Then there is something to be said for caring for a real living plant, which needs constant care and attention. It brings a sense of comfort and makes one feel in touch with nature, even while in an urban setting.

Soft Throw Blanket 

Having a soft throw blanket on your couch in your living room or on the end of your bed is a comfort you cannot do without. Soft throw blankets can be found just about anywhere and are extremely affordable and lightweight.

They’re great just to keep nearby in case you get a chill and would like to put it over your feet or even snuggle up under it entirely while watching a movie or enjoying a good book. Soft, lightweight blankets always come in handy and are thus an essential addition to any apartment worth its salt number.

Multiplugs With USB Inputs

Many apartments suffer from a lack of enough electrical outlets. Therefore, it is a must-have to have a multiplug which can accommodate several devices at once so that you can charge your phone and plug in some other device, such as a lamp or a laptop, simultaneously.

A multiplug with a built-in USB input allows you to charge devices directly from the plug rather than needing an adapter, thereby making everything neater and reducing space. Having USB plug points on a multiplug is extremely convenient and will save you a lot of trouble and headaches when you want to charge your phone or any other device that requires USB.

White Noise Machine 

A white noise machine is a good investment for apartment dwellers who are light sleepers. A white noise machine is a very affordable device that is dedicated to playing white noise, brown noise or similar types of sounds, such as waves, rain or even music.

These machines are designed to drown out ambient sounds and have been shown to improve sleep and concentration. Often in apartment buildings, even the most luxurious ones, it’s unavoidable sometimes to hear your neighbours.

If, for whatever reason, this prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep or from studying for an exam, then a white noise machine can make all the difference by cutting out the frequencies that carry voices, music and other distracting sounds.

Whenever living in close proximity to other people, a white noise machine is not a bad investment.

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