Renting can be a great option as it can be done at a relatively low cost and requires little capital investment. However, renting also comes with its own set of challenges and potential mistakes.

When renters make these mistakes, it can lead to unexpected costs and potential disputes down the line. Thankfully, pretty much all of these can be easily avoided with a little experience and foreknowledge.

Here are some common mistakes that renters make and steps they can take to avoid them.

Not Reading The Lease Thoroughly

Many renters sign a lease without fully understanding the terms and conditions. It is important to read the lease carefully and ask the landlord or property manager any questions you have before signing. Look out for any hidden fees or penalties that may be included in the lease.

Not Getting A Written Receipt For Rent Payments

Keep a record of all rent payments, and make sure to get a written receipt from the landlord or property manager if possible. Otherwise, keep track of your EFTs and make sure you have a traceable record of your proof-of-payments. This can help in case of any disputes or if the landlord claims you owe more rent than you do.

Not Understanding The Security Deposit

Before you move in, make sure to understand the terms of your security deposit. Find out how much it is, what it covers, and how it will be returned to you when you move out.

Not Understanding Your Rights As A Tenant

It is important to understand your rights as a renter in South Africa, as well as your responsibilities. Find out what your landlord is responsible for and what you are responsible for so that there is no confusion or disputes later on.

Not Budgeting For Additional Costs

Renting often comes with additional costs such as utility bills, Internet, DSTV subscriptions, parking, and more. These costs can add up quickly, so make sure to know what they are and to budget for them in advance.

Not Reporting Repairs Or Maintenance Issues

If you notice any issues with the apartment you’re renting, it is important to report them to the landlord or property manager right away. Failure to do so could lead to further damage and potential disputes.

Not Giving Proper Notice Before Moving Out

Make sure to give your landlord or property manager adequate notice before moving out, as outlined in your lease. This will help ensure a smooth move-out process and keep all parties happy.

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