Thanks to Live Easy’s awesome apartments and highly attractive amenities, comfortable living in Johannesburg and Pretoria has never been easier. 

Unfortunately, there are some things that even we can’t fix, such as loadshedding. Loadshedding is a reality that South Africans have had to come to accept over the last couple of years, and it is expected to stay with us for a while. 

Therefore, it is best to be prepared so that you can ensure the most comfortable living experience possible. Here are some tips for surviving loadshedding:

Power Banks

Owning a power bank is a must-have nowadays. Thankfully, they are not terribly expensive and can be found at very affordable prices at a variety of stores. Having a power bank can help you keep your phone or other devices charged when the lights go out. It is important to remember to keep your power bank charged when the lights are on though, so that when the power does go off, you have that backup power. 

Be Organised

It is important to be well aware of the loadshedding schedule so that you can be prepared in advance. An app like Eskom Se Push will help you keep track of the loadshedding so you are not caught unawares. 

Once you are well aware of the loadshedding schedule and the fluctuations in the loadshedding levels, you will be able to ensure that your devices are charged in preparation for the planned power outages. 

Knowing your schedule will also help you ensure that you are prepared in terms of food so that you are not caught unawares and unable to cook a meal because the lights are out. Prepare in advance and make sure that your food is cooked before, or else ensure that you are able to eat food that doesn’t require cooking during loadshedding.


There are various options for keeping the lights on when loadshedding kicks in. You could always go the old-fashioned route, which is to have a candle or a paraffin lamp. However, these are safety hazards and can cause fires if not carefully attended. Therefore, these are not generally recommended. 

Rather, it is better if you can purchase a low-wattage LED rechargeable lamp that you can turn on when the lights go out and charge up when the power is back on. Rechargeable LED lamps can be found at hardware stores and other tech shops around the city at relatively affordable prices. 

You could also purchase a rechargeable LED globe that slots into a regular lamp or light fitting and charges when the power is on. Then, when the power goes off, the battery of the LED globe kicks in, keeping your apartment illuminated. 

These are some essential tips for surviving loadshedding and ensuring comfortable living in your apartment. For more comfortable living options in Johannesburg and Pretoria, apply at Live Easy today! We have luxury apartments available that can suit your budget.