If you’re looking for affordable rentals, then Live Easy has high-quality apartments available in locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria that anyone would envy, for prices that you wouldn’t believe. 

However, many people who live in city apartments might want to find a good roommate to help share the cost of living. Among other things, having a roommate can assist with rent, utilities, grocery costs and even carpooling to work every day. 

There are numerous benefits to having a roommate. However, choosing the wrong roommate can be a living nightmare. Therefore, we thought we would share some useful tips with you on how to find a roommate who is compatible and makes your life better, not worse.

Establish Expectations

Where possible, ensure that all prospective roommates are clear about the kinds of expectations you have regarding living with someone. Establishing these expectations upfront can save you a lot of hassle and headaches later on down the line. Some of the expectations you might want to lay out upfront are things such as required levels of cleanliness, both in terms of their own private space and shared spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom areas. 

It’s also important to make it clear what you expect in terms of noise levels, behaviour surrounding the hosting of guests and friends, as well as what you expect from them regarding their habits, such as smoking, which can be extremely unpleasant if you are not both on the same page.

Ask Family, Friends & Colleagues

Before you start advertising for strangers to apply to live with you, it is best that you talk to people you know. This gives you a leg up in terms of understanding them and knowing what you can expect from them. Asking friends, colleagues, or family members is a good place to start, as they might know people who will be compatible with you, and you might already have a connection with them, which always helps.

Go Online

When family, friends, and colleagues fail to produce a satisfactory roommate, the next place you could start to advertise or search for a compatible roommate is online. There are various online resources you could make use of, from platforms like Facebook to roommate-matching websites and more.

Depending on the area you’re in and what institution you are associated with ‒ such as a university ‒ you might have a wide range of options available to you. These online resources sometimes have rating systems that help you evaluate prospective applicants, which can give you a clear idea as to the kind of roommate you can expect.

Meet In Person 

Before you agree to a roommate moving in, it is critical that you meet them in person so that you can personally assess the type of person they are. Nothing is more reliable than your own gut, and meeting someone in person can go a long way towards helping you decide whether or not a roommate relationship will work. 

Many prospective roommates might look good on paper but, in reality, give off a vibe that sends warning signals. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have a personal one-on-one meeting before agreeing to the arrangement.

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