During the winter, it might feel like there’s nothing to do since you don’t want to go outside. However, thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Gauteng during the chilly part of the year if you live in one of Live Easy’s modern luxury apartments.

Not only are there numerous things that you can enjoy regardless of the season if you don’t mind braving a bit of chilly air, but there are also plenty of great indoor activities that are ideal for even the coldest days of the year. 

Here are some ideas for ways that you can enjoy going out in Gauteng during the winter. 

Go Ice Skating

While South Africa is not known for having snowy climates with lots of ice ‒ particularly in Gauteng ‒ we do have a vibrant ice skating scene with lots of excellent ice skating rinks found in various malls across the province. 

Since you’re already dressed for the cold, it might be a good time of year to go visit an ice skating rink with some friends or with a date and have some unconventional fun skating around on the ice. Not only is it lots of fun, but it’s good exercise as well.

There are ice skating rinks in places like Festival Mall on the East Rand, at the Colonnade Shopping Centre in Pretoria, and at Northgate Mall in Randburg, among others. All of these ice skating rinks have been around for a while and are popular places for adults and teens to go and enjoy an afternoon or evening out having a little bit of fun.

Go to the Theatre

One of the things that Johannesburg and Pretoria are well known for is their excellent performing arts scene. The theatre culture in Johannesburg, in particular, is very vibrant, with lots of live shows, plays, and musical performances being put on regularly. 

In Johannesburg alone, there is the Lyric Theatre, the Joburg Theatre, the Market Theatre, Rumours Rock City, as well as a plethora of Barnyard Theatre locations around the city.


Barnyard Theatre is particularly interesting because you can enjoy an excellent live show while taking a picnic basket of whatever you like inside to devour at your leisure. These warm and cosy theatres are great places to spend an afternoon or evening watching a good show and engaging in a little bit of culture with friends or a date.

Go to the Movies

Gauteng has some of the best cinemas on the African continent. In addition to large, luxurious premiere cinemas peppering different malls throughout the province, there are even a number of IMAX cinemas where you can go to enjoy special shows for a premium experience. 

Spending a couple of hours inside a cinema watching an excellent movie is extremely enjoyable during the cold months of the year. Even better, many of the best movies of the year are released during our winter because it coincides with the United States’ summer season, when they release their biggest blockbusters. This makes winter in South Africa an excellent time to visit the cinema and enjoy some of the year’s biggest movies.

With Live Easy’s modern luxury apartments located in prime spots throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg, you will have easy access to all of these activities and much more this winter. Contact us now to apply to stay in one of our apartments!