If you live in one of our brand new apartments in Johannesburg, fear not! Life in the city is anything but boring. While Johannesburg may not have beachfronts or other major mountain ranges close by, there is still plenty to do in and around the city, which makes it one of the most interesting places to live on the continent, let alone the country.

Here are just a handful of fun things you could do in and around Johannesburg.

Catch a Thrill

Johannesburg is home to one of the most interesting bungee jumping experiences around: the Soweto Towers Bungee Jump. This experience is unlike any other in the world. At the Orlando Power Station, which is an old, decommissioned coal-fired power station, you can enjoy a 100-m bungee jump from between two pylons that have been painted with gorgeous murals. This experience will be something that you will never forget.

There are lots of other fun and adventurous things to do in Johannesburg as well, such as visiting the Action Park Zipline Experience at Cedar Square in Fourways. Here you can go on a rope adventure course and enjoy lunch at the High Wire Cafe afterwards, where you can get delicious food and beverages and talk about the fun that you had ziplining in the city.

You can also visit Noble Adventures, which is nearby in Krugersdorp. This area has a craft beer and gin taproom and eatery and is just about 25 minutes outside of the city. It has a Sky Climbers obstacle course, which is a challenging obstacle course for adventurous and spirited individuals suspended about five metres above the ground. This challenging but fun day out is the perfect thing to get your blood pumping. 

Hiking = Happiness

Johannesburg might be a bustling city, but this urban environment holds some excellent nature hiking trails not far from the heart of the city. Among these is the Henop Hiking Trail, which passes the Hartebeespoort Dam. There’s also the Suikerbosrand Hiking Facility and Nature Reserve, which is close by and perfect for a day trip. Suikerbosrand is a beautiful, tranquil area not far from the centre of the city, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the hilly wilderness. Here you might find some wildlife, such as local buck, and you might even see a few jackals if you’re lucky. 

Enjoy Some Arts and Culture

There are plenty of museums and art galleries around Johannesburg that you can visit to see some of the impressive selection of artworks on display that celebrate South African history and culture in a way that is unique to our country. 

Included in these are places like the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Goodman Gallery, Gallery Momo, the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, as well as the Apartheid Museum. These galleries are prestigious and world-renowned, with excellent artwork on display all year. If you’re into arts and culture, then these are wonderful places to visit.

Check Out the Food and Craft Markets

There are plenty of food and craft markets around Johannesburg, with new ones appearing all the time. The Neighbourgoods Market in downtown Johannesburg is one of the most popular, as is the Market on Main. These kinds of markets will give you access to delicious food and a range of awesome crafts that you can purchase as gifts or as additions to your home.

Take advantage of the awesome lifestyle that Johannesburg has to offer by applying to stay in one of our brand new apartments. Contact us at Live Easy today, and we’ll help you make it a reality!