It can be challenging to live a luxurious lifestyle on a limited budget when inflation is at an all-time high. A good life, however, is still possible with Live Easy’s affordable luxury apartments.

Here are some great tips for how to live luxuriously while still keeping your costs low.

Sign Up For & Use Rewards Loyalty Programmes

Most retail and grocery chains ‒ such as Pick n Pay, Clicks, Checkers, Dischem, and even Shell garages ‒ have some form of loyalty programme whereby you can earn discounts and cashback rewards if you’re a card-carrying member. 

Pretty much all of these programmes are free, so it makes sense to sign up and reap the benefits. If used wisely, you can take advantage of specials and use points to save yourself a fair amount of cash every month.

Keep Track Of Specials

You can significantly lower your monthly grocery bill by noting the monthly specials at your various retail stores. Usually, these are distributed as printed advertisements inserted in local newspapers, but they can also be found online. 

You can regularly stay informed about the savings you can get each month by subscribing to the online mailing lists for specials. It can turn into a fun game to play if done frequently enough because there are usually a few excellent bargains to be had.

Lower Your Transport Costs

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses that people have to deal with nowadays. However, there are numerous ways to save on this big-ticket budget item. 

  • First, you could carpool with others to split the cost of transportation. 
  • Second, you could opt for more affordable public transportation options. 
  • Third, you could move closer to your workplace so that commuting is less demanding on your wallet.

Find Cheaper Accommodation

Rent typically takes up the largest portion of one’s monthly budget. You could put a sizeable sum of money back into your pocket by selecting a less expensive apartment, allowing you to spend more on activities and meals that you enjoy.

High-quality lodging is available in the city through Live Easy, which can help you save a lot of money on rent while also putting you closer to your place of employment and saving you money on transportation. All of this while offering a luxurious experience at a reasonable cost.

To enjoy an excellent quality of life in the city on a budget, contact us at Live Easy today. We have affordable luxury apartments available that help ensure your comfort and happiness.