Even if you live in one of Live Easy’s fantastic modern luxury apartments in Pretoria, you don’t have to be stuck inside. The city offers a wide variety of sights to see and activities to enjoy, but Pretoria stands out for its thriving theatre scene. 

There are many great venues scattered throughout the city if you are looking for something different to do and want to go see a show. These places can give you excellent entertainment and food for thought. Here is a peek into Pretoria’s theatre scene:

The Atterbury Theatre

The Atterbury Theatre plays host to a variety of performances, ranging from dramatic theatre to music concerts, dance shows, drama, comedy, and more. These are staples of this excellent theatre, which is located on the corner of Daventry Street and Lynwood Road. 

The theatre often features performances from around the world as well as a great variety of excellent local artists. Be sure to check out the Atterbury Theatre, as there will always be something worth seeing.

The Brooklyn Theatre

The Brooklyn Theatre is located in Menlo Park, on the corner of Thomas Edison and 13th Street, and is known for hosting excellent classical music concerts. If you enjoy classical music, the Brooklyn Theatre is a great place to take in something a little more refined. 

The theatre frequently hosts operas, ballets, and other kinds of high-culture events that will elevate your entertainment experience and give you something to remember. On occasion, the theatre also hosts theatre productions and dramas. So if you’re after a good story, check out the Brooklyn Theater’s programme schedule to find out what’s showing.

The Centurion Theatre

Located in Centurion at the Centurion Mall, the Centurion Theatre boasts a versatile venue that hosts to a variety of events. These sometimes feature theatre productions but also frequently host music concerts and dance shows as well. The varied nature of what the Centurion Theatre can offer is what makes it an appealing venue, as there’s always something different happening.

The Sun Arena

The Sun Arena is located at Times Square in Menlyn Maine. This excellent arena has been known to host various types of concerts, comedy shows, and more, and it has even hosted various sporting events. The arena is capable of hosting large-scale productions, making it a place to be when must-see event-type shows are staged.

The South African State Theatre

The South African State Theatre is the central linchpin of the Pretoria theatre scene, located at 320 Pretorius Street in Pretoria Central. The stately building is a major cultural institution in South Africa and has been for many years. 

The State Theatre frequently hosts a wide range of productions, ranging from large-scale theatre productions to dance musicals, ballets, and even operas. If you wish to have a high-society night out and do something a little different, then the Pretoria State Theatre is an excellent option. It even has exhibition spaces and is frequently host to culturally themed events.

The Barnyard Theatre

The Barnyard Theatre typically hosts live music performance events, which tend to lean more towards pop music and cabaret-type shows. It is known for its dinner theatre concept, wherein patrons can enjoy picnic-type dinners at their tables while watching the show. 

Various music productions and tribute acts take place at the Barnyard Theatre on a regular basis, with the main draw being that audiences can bring their own food and drinks into the venue.

If you wish to rent one of Live Easy’s modern luxury apartments in Pretoria and take advantage of the amazing theatre scene in town, then contact us at Live Easy today.