If you live in one of the affordable one-bedroom apartments that Live Easy has available in Pretoria, then you might get to enjoy the many scenic picnic destinations located around the city where you can take some time outside and enjoy a bite to eat with a friend, a date, or your family. 

Here are a few pretty picnic destinations that are easily accessible from your apartment in Pretoria.

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens cover an area of about nine hectares, divided into two main sections by a high quartzite outcrop. These large and sprawling gardens are filled with indigenous plants and flowers from across the country and are home to a variety of interesting bird species. 

The gorgeous gardens are an excellent place to go for a hike or just to find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy a picnic. Rest assured that the gardens are safe owing to the excellent security measures in place. You can just go and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders that the South African flora has to offer.

The Groenkloof Nature Reserve

The Groenkloof Nature Reserve is a great place to visit if you want to see a few of South Africa’s famous wild animals without travelling too far out of the city. There are numerous hiking trails available, and if you’re into bike riding, it’s great for that too. 

Magnolia Dell Park

Magnolia Dell Park, located not far from the University of Pretoria, is a well-known spot in the middle of the city. It’s surrounded by beautiful Magnolia flowers and willow trees, with a small creek running through it.

The park has frequent arts and crafts markets and is a great place to go and picnic with the family. It is quite safe, thanks to the open area and good security. This beautiful park provides a great spot to unwind with a picnic without having to leave the bounds of the city.

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

The Rietvlei Nature Reserve is a little further out, located more towards the Irene side of Pretoria, and is home to four out of the big five game animals, including black wildebeest, buffalo, cheetah, and even lion ‒ although the predators are kept in a separate enclosure. The park used to have rhinos as well, but due to poaching, they have been relocated to safer areas. 

It’s a great place to visit, where you can drive around at your leisure to spot animals from the comfort of your vehicle. There are designated picnic spots where you can sit and enjoy a bite to eat with your family or friends, as well as a restaurant that you can patronise if you so choose. Horse trails and guided hikes are also available if this is something you’d like to try.

The Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is a famous monument commemorating the history of the Afrikaner people and their trek into the heartland of the country. It is a large and imposing monument filled with iconography, artworks, and sculptures detailing Afrikaner history. 

One of the most iconic aspects of the design is that it allows sunlight to shine through an opening on the dome on December 16th every year, when it highlights key patriotic words engraved inside the monument.

Aside from the monument itself, there are lush gardens and a nature reserve that surround it, where you can enjoy a picnic or just go for a leisurely stroll. Its location on a hill means that there are excellent views to be had, making it a popular destination for local picnickers.

There are many more picnic locations around Pretoria, including Jan Cilliers Park, the National Zoological Gardens, the Union Building Gardens, the Moraleta Kloof Nature Reserve, and more. All you have to do is explore!

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