With our Live Easy small luxury apartments being located on Steve Biko Street, we thought we’d pay tribute to this remarkable icon of the apartheid struggle. Let’s take a closer look at the life of the man whose name the apartments bear.

About Steve Biko

Steve Biko was born in 1946 in King William’s Town, Eastern Cape and is renowned for playing a pivotal role in the Black Consciousness Movement, making him a prominent anti-apartheid activist. He grew up in segregated South Africa and experienced injustices and racial prejudices at a young age. As a student, Biko began his activism while studying at the University of Natal Medical School in the 1960s. It wasn’t long before Biko was recognised as a charismatic leader.

Founding of The Black Consciousness Movement

After emerging as a leader in his student activism days, Biko founded the South African Students’ Organisation along with other activists in 1969. This later evolved into the Black Consciousness Movement, which aimed to instill self-respect, pride, and unity among black South Africans. 

Most importantly, Biko advocated for self-reliance and empowerment. It is said that this movement had a significant influence on black South Africans, inspiring them to challenge apartheid and assert their rights. Biko’s speeches and writings helped disseminate these ideas among the populace.

Biko’s Tragic Death

After inspiring enough of an uprising, Biko was arrested and imprisoned by the apartheid government in 1977, where he suffered numerous injuries due to police brutality. In 1977, Biko died from his injuries in police custody, sparking outrage and condemnation from both local opponents of apartheid and people around the world. 

His legacy continues to this day, as Biko lives on as an icon of the struggle against apartheid. His fight against racial injustice is remembered as courageous, and his intellectual contributions continue to inspire activists and scholars.

Biko’s Legacy

Steve Biko Street in Pretoria is one small way that his contributions are being recognised and celebrated in the post-apartheid era. The Steve Biko Foundation was also founded by the government to promote social justice and equality, along with various other institutions and awards in his name. 

At Live Easy, we are proud to have our apartments located on Steve Biko Street in Pretoria, where we can continue to honour his legacy by providing high-quality accommodation for all people in South Africa.

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