Being a good tenant not only shows that you have integrity and class but can also yield a number of benefits. If you live in housing apartments in Pretoria, you may want to read on further to find out more about the upsides of being a good tenant and how to become one.

The Benefits of Being a Good Tenant

One of the most important benefits is that you will receive a good reference for future rentals. Eventually, you will need to move out, and when you apply to live elsewhere, having a reference from a previous landlord that details you as an ideal tenant can help you secure the place you want.

In addition, good tenants might receive preferential rental rates or find that their landlord is willing to forego rental increases. While it’s not a guarantee, being an ideal tenant can go a long way towards helping you improve your chances of negotiating better rates.

Also, landlords are likelier to go the extra mile for tenants who treat their property well and pay on time. If you need something repaired or a favour, your landlord will be more willing to assist you if you have proven yourself the ideal tenant.

Good Tenants Pay in Full and on Time

The most important factor in determining whether you’re a good tenant is whether you pay your bills in full and on time, every time. Paying your rent and utilities in a predictably dependable fashion will ensure that you’re perceived as a reliable tenant. 

While other factors come into play in determining whether or not you’re a good tenant, paying your bills on time and in full every month is arguably the most important.

Good Tenants Communicate Issues Quickly

Landlords appreciate tenants who communicate regularly with them about issues that need attention. While you should be careful not to annoy your landlord with inconsequential minor issues that you can resolve yourself, serious issues relating to the property should be taken to the landlord as soon as possible so that they can carry out the necessary repairs before further damage ensues. 

If you notice a leaking pipe or a broken window, for example, the sooner you let your landlord know, the better so that they can fix the issue and protect their investment. 

Good Tenants Cooperate With Landlord Requests

Cooperating with your landlord and maintaining a good relationship can go a long way towards establishing you as an ideal tenant. 

Suppose the landlord needs to inspect a portion of the property, perform maintenance or repairs, or have an agent visit the property for a showing or evaluation. In that case, try to be cooperative with the landlord so that they can manage their investment effectively. 

Tenants that are uncooperative and difficult make it hard for the landlord to manage their property and can quickly cause a sour relationship to develop.

Good Tenants Look After The Property

Landlords appreciate tenants who take pride in looking after the property. This means keeping it clean and perhaps even doing minor repairs. Avoid smoking inside an apartment, as it can cause it to smell, or keeping pets inside that ruin the paint job or carpets. These are the kinds of problems that landlords would rather avoid. 

If you look after the property and take pride in keeping it in good condition, the landlord will greatly appreciate it.

Good Tenants Respect The Rules

Every rental property comes with a set of basic rules, normally dictated by the trustees, the body corporate, the landlord, or the homeowners association. By ensuring that you comply with the rules of the complex, such as not playing loud music late at night, not keeping pets illegally, and not taking drugs on the property, among other things, you will ensure that you remain seen as a good tenant. 

Consistently breaking the rules will lead to a sour relationship, and your reputation will suffer as a result.

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