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Marshalltown Apartments: Moving In 101

Marshalltown is a suburb in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa which has been invigorated over the years to become an important business and financial hub as Johannesburg reinvents itself, one suburb at a time. There are some decent apartments in Marshalltown, but here are a few things you should know if you’re contemplating moving there.


While Marshalltown is certainly a good-looking area of the city, it still, unfortunately, suffers from some of Johannesburg’s infamous crime. Although private security guards are often stationed at most doorways and car parks, robberies and assaults can still occur if one is ignorant.

Like anywhere else in Johannesburg, avoid walking alone at night in the area and avoid quiet and secluded sections. Keep your valuables ‒ such as your phone and wallet ‒ concealed when out in the street or when driving around the city, particularly at night. 

It might also be a good idea to keep a small pepper spray on your person when walking about, just in case.

That said, Marshalltown is considered quite safe to walk about freely during the day without any fear. However, better to be prepared than unprepared.


Parking in the inner city can be challenging and dangerous. There is such limited space available in the built-up area that parking lots and garages can be high in demand.

When you move to Marshalltown, consider that parking can be scarce ‒ both at your apartment building and at your nearby place of work. This means that some apartment buildings will expect you to park your car on the street overnight, which can lead to car break-ins and vehicle thefts.

Try to get yourself secure parking for your vehicle overnight, or perhaps consider switching modes of transport, particularly if your offices are nearby. Some apartments have their own secure parking arrangements.

There’s A Lot To Explore

When you move to Marshalltown, you’ll find that there is a lot for you to explore. From amazing restaurants, cafes and doughnut shops to fashionable clothing shops and close by historical landmarks. Get to know your neighbourhood and the people who populate it, running the stores and eateries, to get the most out of the Marshalltown life and community.

And since Marshalltown is centrally located, you’ll also have fantastic access to schools, medical facilities and more.

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