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With the global drive to combat climate change by minimising our carbon footprint and staving off further damage to our environment by being more environmentally conscious, it’s more important than ever that we do whatever we can to have an eco-friendly house.

Even if you live in a Live Easy apartment, you can still do much to contribute to a greener society. Here are simple tips for how to be an eco-friendly apartment dweller.

Save Water

By saving water, you place less pressure on the water supply and the system that pumps it, thereby reducing clean municipal water consumption. Moreover, saving on water also saves you money since your water bill won’t be as high.

A practical tip is to minimise the number of times you flush the toilet – prioritising sanitation, of course. Toilets use up a lot of water every time they flush, so make each flush count.

You could also shorten your shower time and use less water when washing dishes, the floor or your clothing.

Save Energy

Electricity prices are going up. What’s more, the more electricity you consume, the more your carbon footprint will be.

You can save on electricity by turning off lights when they’re not in use. It’s also a good idea to ensure that all your light bulbs are LED bulbs, as these are far more energy-efficient than regular filament light bulbs.

Another big culprit is computers that are left on all day and night ‒ particularly desktops. Set your computer up to sleep on low power mode if you must have it on at all times. However, ideally, you’d keep it off and only turn it on when it’s needed.

Add Plants

Having a few plants in the apartment is a great, eco-friendly way of not only making the space look more inviting and vibrant but also cleansing the air. Plants are known to absorb harmful toxins and chemicals out of the air and convert it into clean air. This will improve the air quality of your apartment while contributing to a healthier space for you and visitors.

Plants have also been said to improve one’s mood and can have a calming effect, combatting anxiety and stress, thereby resulting in better mental health.

Live Easy has a range of comfortable apartments available that you can start your eco-friendly journey in.

At Live Easy, we have gorgeous and conveniently located apartment units to rent of various sizes, catering to different lifestyles. Contact us now to find out prices, availability and special offers!


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