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Affordable meets accommodating in our Randburg apartments on Surrey Avenue. Offering convenience and comfort, the apartments are located centrally, with the Gautrain bus station and Brightwater Commons just down the road. Our Randburg apartments are set for safety, security, and sophistication.


LIVE/EASY Apartments Randburg

LIVE/EASY Apartments Randburg. LIVE/EASY Randburg.

What you can expect when you Move In and Move Up at our convenient Surrey Avenue, Randburg address:

Shopping in and Around Ferndale

  • There are numerous exciting shopping opportunities in the area, with Sandton City nearby. Bargain hunting is a stone’s throw away throughout the suburb with local stores in the neighbourhood.
  • With Hyde Park shopping a mere few minutes away, shopping at sophisticated stores is simple.
  • With Brightwater Commons around the corner, the Waterfront offers a wide range of stores and entertainment options. Spend the afternoon perusing potential purchases or relaxing and resting in the area.

Schools in and around Ferndale

  • There is a wide selection of excellent schools in the neighbourhood, from both private and governmental.

Places of Worship in and Around Ferndale

  • Randburg offers a home of worship for every religious inclination, with diversity as a key factor in the country and the area. Explore the area and find where you feel comfortable.

Fun Stuff to Do Around Ferndale

  • If you’re in the mood to explore the area with a historic flavour, the Red City Bus offers a tour with information, entertainment and education all wrapped together. The South African Military Museum also is a historic intrigue in the region.
  • In the summer, a walk around the nearby zoo lake offers scenic views and boating entertainment.

Medical Facilities Close to Ferndale

  • You can rest assured that your health will be a priority should you need any medical facilities with the high-quality Sandton Clinic nearby.

Eating out in Ferndale

  • Not in the mood to cook? The On Surrey, Randburg Live Easy canteen is the ideal option for you to cater to a growling stomach without heading out or resorting to take-outs.
  • If you feel like eating out, there is a range of healthy, rich, delicious food options in an area with a variety of top-notch restaurants.

The new, sophisticated and exciting apartments on Surrey Avenue in Ferndale make the perfect step to Move In and Move Up for your first rental apartment. Our modern approach to convenient living offers an affordable, comfortable lifestyle so you can step up in the world with the security of a smart apartment.