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Domestic Tourism: Randburg Attractions

Randburg may be fairly far removed from attractions such as beaches or game reserves, but there is still a surprising amount of stuff to see and do in the vicinity. From parks to malls to hiking trips, you won’t be bored.

Let’s take a look at a few key attractions worth visiting that are no further than 10 km from Randburg. 

Delta Park

The 104-acre Delta Park is a lush area of grass and woodlands where visitors can go for walks and enjoy nature. The park contains three dams lined by trees, plenty of birds and lots of interesting flora to study and explore.

Incorporated into the park is the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary, which features lovely picnic spots and tranquil spots to sit and enjoy the scenery. A number of birdwatching hides are also available to visitors.

Delta Park also features the Delta Environmental Centre, which offers a wide range of courses on wildlife to all ages.

Northcliff Hill

The trek to the top of Northcliff Hill is a somewhat arduous hike, but the reward is an unobstructed 1 807 m high 360-degree view of Johannesburg. It is the second-highest place in the city, only 1 m lower Observatory Ridge.

The hill is free for anyone to visit, and although there is no security, there is a strong police presence. It is best to visit during the day for safety’s sake, but the views at night are simply gorgeous. Visitors are not prevented from picnicking on the hill, so bring a snack, take a seat and enjoy the view.

Cresta Shopping Centre

Cresta Shopping Centre has been around for a long time. Over the years, it’s been refurbished and extended so that it now contains more than 260 stores, including cinemas and a variety of places to eat. 

The large mall is also home to the CrestAquarium, an aquarium in the mall that houses about 30 different species of tropical fish. 

Cresta is a fun place to spend the day shopping or a night out for dinner or a movie. 

Ferndale On Republic

Ferndale on Republic used to be called Brightwater Commons – a semi-outdoor shopping centre. The centre was completely renovated to coincide with the name change. The centre features plenty of lush gardens in outdoor areas, as well as a variety of quality stores.

Although there are many upmarket stores, the centre also is home to value retail stores such as Checkers, Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market, Dischem, Crazy Plastics and Liquor City.

Ferndale is a convenient and classy shopping experience worth frequenting.

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