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So you’ve moved into a neat flat in Randburg and want to make it your own. The problem is that your choices are limited for two reasons. The first limitation is your budget. The second is that it’s a rental, and therefore your options are mostly ring-fenced to things that can be undone when you move out. No permanent or structural changes.

With those restraining factors in mind, let’s take a look at five budget-friendly ways to redecorate your Randburg flat.


The quickest way to make your flat look inviting, friendly and cheerful is to add some plants. There are many varieties of pot plants you could get for a wide range of prices. What you want is something fairly cheap and easy to maintain. Get a plant that looks green all year round, isn’t too fussy, is happy living out of direct sunlight, and doesn’t need a lot of watering.

Throw Pillows And Blankets

A handful of artfully chosen throw pillows and a matching throw blanket can truly make a room feel alive with personality and yet cosy. Throw pillows and blankets aren’t expensive and can be found in a number of budget-friendly stores. The upside to throw pillows and blankets is that they’re not just decorative – they’re actually useful. 


Putting up a set of curtains can really change the entire atmosphere of a room. White curtains will make the room feel cooler and breezy, allowing plenty of light in for a more lively and fresh atmosphere. Dark coloured curtains will make the room feel cosier and warmer while also making the room feel darker and calmer.


A strategically placed lamp or other light source can really change the entire atmosphere of a room. Half of interior decorating is about playing with light to create the right mood for a space and complement the existing features and furniture. For example, a string of fairy lights might make the room feel a bit more playful, charming and cosy.


A nice rug can really tie the room together and give the whole space a feeling of comfort. A good rug will make the room feel cosier while also making the room feel complete. While rugs can be extremely expensive, a wide variety of affordable rugs are readily available at certain home stores.

Make your flat your own and live in comfort and style. Contact Live Easy now to find out what flats and apartments in Randburg we have available.


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