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Renting an apartment while keeping a pet can be challenging. More and more, landlords and body corporates are refusing to allow Randburg renters to keep certain pets, with some denying renters the privilege of having pets at all.

The reasons for not allowing renters to keep pets are varied and usually stem from previous pet-owning tenants being inconsiderate in ways that create a bad experience for the landlord, the body corporate or neighbours.

Let’s take a look at some ways renters can keep pets responsibly and keep everyone happy.


Noise is probably the number one complaint most landlords receive about tenants who have pets. Barking or whining dogs can be particularly troublesome for neighbours. Dogs and other noisy animals, including parrots, cockatoos and other loud birds, can become very noisy when left alone for long periods as they become lonely and frustrated. If you’re not going to be home very often, then trying to keep a dog or parrot locked up alone could cause a lot of noise when you’re out.

If you want to keep pets like these, make sure you’re there to spend plenty of time with them every day. Take them out as often as possible so that they don’t become frustrated. If you’re not able to be home for longer than usual, get a pet sitter to help you out.

There are plenty of great places in Randburg to take your dog out for walks, such as Emmarentia Park, Delta Park or Loerie Park, so there’s no need to keep the poor animal locked up 24/7.


Another significant concern regarding renters keeping pets is whether those pets will introduce disease or bugs to the property and spread it about. Cat and dogs, in particular, are highly susceptible to bringing ticks and fleas into one’s home. Animals might also carry diseases that might be contagious to people or other pets. 

Therefore, it is important to keep your pets fully inoculated so they can’t catch or spread disease, and they should also be fixed so they can’t breed. It is also important to ensure that your pets are regularly treated against ticks and fleas so that they don’t bring them into the building. This would go a long towards putting people’s minds at ease.


Another significant reason why landlords might be reluctant to allow tenants to keep pets is that they can cause significant damage to property, especially furnished apartment units. Cats might scratch furniture, while dogs might chew on things. Such damage can sometimes be difficult or expensive to repair and, in some cases, the deposit might not even be enough to cover the damage. 

Therefore, it is important to make sure your pets are well-trained and that they are not left alone long enough to become frustrated. Often, frustration, boredom and loneliness are the prime causes of pets becoming destructive.

If you want to rent an apartment and keep a pet, be sure that you’re well aware of the rules of the building so that you do not end up being penalised, being forced to move or being asked to re-home your pet. 

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